Development updates of iOS 3 Siri Apps on Forums

1.Sara – Best Free Alternate to Siri – by Nobita.ZZZ

It is maybe the best clone yet on the Forums.Testers say that it is working nicely even on iOS 3.1.3. Here are some features:
 You can
  • – ask for weather,
  • – ask for cinema now showing movie
  • – ask for place to drink coffee, beer, eat pizza, …,
  • – ask for direction,
  • – call contact,
  • – message contact,
  • – open apps,
  • – remote control pc (restart, shutdown, play music, open game, … or whatever you need, just config the app runing on PC),
  • – play music, search for playlist and play, …
Nobita.ZZZ says:
Dear users First of all, thanks for using Sara, and your supports. I’m appreciated and very happy !! As you know, Sara is Free and always Free, with many awsome features, and support ANY iDevice (from iPhone original to iPhone 4s & iPad2 !), I tried my best and I promise I will continue trying my best !! But (I’m so sorry for this word: “But”), I cannot continue spending ~15-18 hours (sometime 30 hours, without sleep @.@) for only Sara: improve Sara, take vids, support users, … Again, I’m so sorry about this. I’m Project Manager, and I have a lot of works everyday, of course, I have family, friends, .., and important, I need to take rest too (I’m not a machine, lol). I’ve written detailed guide (picture guide and video guide will come soon) for Installing, Config, Command list, and for Bugs Reporting too. So please make sure you follow my Guide to install, got Crash ? Follow my guide to get logs and report to me, can’t talk with Sara ? Follow my command list for all available commands,.. etc. Thanks for your time !
Also, I think I will need 2 teams to help Sara: – Support team: Help user for installing, crashes, … – Review team: Take pictures/videos, or write review about Sara on forums/blogs/personal sites,… to avoid scammer who selling this (this happened when I release 0.1, some people copy this and sell this on ModMyI,… For everyone on this teams, I will give BIG SURPRISE GIFTS: Newest BETA updates and MORE ( it’s secret ;;) ) This task doesnt require much time from you, if you have free time (just some hours everyday) and like Sara, let’s join ! I’m appreciated !
Last, Sara is free for everyone, but her features need money (Actually, I have to use my money for paying, there is not small amount until now). So if you want to help Sara, lets donate some bucks for help me improve Sara’s answer speed, Sara’s voice quality, and more features in future. REMEMBER: I DO NOT MAKE MONEY ! JUST BECAUSE I AM NOT RICH MAN (lol), AND SOME BUCKS FROM YOU CAN HELP ME PAY FOR SARA. IT’S NOT REQUIRED AND NEVER REQUIRED.
Chek out the YT videos here:

Here are some screenies:


PleaseDo – Bringing Siri-like functionality to older iDevices – by TastyCorn

The most doubted project on whited00r,because the developer has not given any testable client or app to us yet.

He has shown us some videos,but we cannot say if they are real or not,so we will not talk much about it.


  1. Dev update 1
  2. Dev update 2
  3. dev update 3

Just check the topic if you like :

The project is on Facebook too:


Blog Team


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  1. Hi every one I love U̶̲̥̅̊ all big thanks to all the developer may god bls U̶̲̥̅̊ all

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