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Whited00r 6 – 1 Million Downloads!

First, a big sorry to the followers of this Whited00r blog as the original team managing it went on a mission to Mars and as everybody knows it is a two year round trip.

Much has happened since this blog was last updated has Whited00r 5.2.1 came & went and Whited00r 6 was launched on the 12-12-2012 and was downloaded more than 1 million times so far by users from all over the world. In green in the image below are the names of the moderators in charge of supporting Whited00r in different languages as you can see in the Whited00r Forum index. It is a work in progress and help is always welcome.


New people have been assigned to manage this blog & we promise to keep it up to date.

The WD Team is currently working on the next Whited00r 7 version! In the official Apple iOS 7 page it says “iOS 7. Coming this fall” and we can assure you that Whited00r 7 will be out soon but we cannot say exactly when yet as it is a work in progress with many coding & graphics challenges for our small team of volunteers + it needs to be beta tested thoroughly before releasing it.

This is just a teaser and not the official WD 7 logo as we are still working on it:

Meanwhile you are more than welcome to contribute to this thread: Suggestions for Whited00r 7

Whited00r Recruiting Team Memebrs