AppStore starts to work back on iOS 3.1.3 !

Consumers who had owned a iPhone / iPod Touch with iOS 3.1.3 encounter some issues about downloading applications / software from Apple’s App Store directly from their beloved iPhone / iPod Touch. This kind of problem appeared after an update on December 16, 2011. According to most of the Whited00r forum and other forums, they reported the User Interface for the App Store appears to be in disarranged like images / screenshot are missing, buttons don’t work.

Start from yesterday, some of the whited00r forum users post that they are able to start download applications again from the App Store directly on their iPhone / iPod Touch on iOS 3.1.3. Looks like Apple are giving their best efforts to fix these things up while we are complaining. However, we still not sure this App Store’s problem still exsisting or had been fully recover?

But, since App Store start to works back on iOS 3.1.3 is such a good news to all legacy iPhone / iPod Touch users.

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Whited00r Blog Team


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  1. no way, Messenger still need’s ios 4, well by the way, i don’t know how to install without itunes,

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